What to look for when selecting your travel bag

Travel bag is not only a case you lug around during your travel – it should be part of your trip planning. Having a suitable travel case would make your trip more convenient and comfortable.

You don’t want to get a big backpack if you’re on a business trip, which might end up too heavy for you to carry (not to mention it is not the right style).

But getting a small travel bag may pose a problem for you to fit in all your stuff, especially if you’re on week long travel.  

There’s a lot of consideration to be made when picking your travel bags, and hopefully this guide will help you choose the most suitable travel case for your trip:

Getting the right type of travel case for your trip 

Always consider the destination and purpose of your travel, before deciding on the right type of travel case to bring with you.

For example, if you’re on a short work trip spanning only couple of days in town, a small wheeled luggage may be enough. After all, you would only take the case through airport and your hotel room.

Or perhaps you would like to have a quick trip around the town while you’re there? A travel backpack with USB charging compartment can be more suitable, ensuring you keep your gadgets alive while strolling the beautiful view.

It would be a different story if you’re going hitchhiking around Asia – a sports carry-on backpack would be more appropriate, with the right waterproofing material to avoid rain or heavy downpour that may ruin your items.

Selecting the right material or style for your travel case

If you’re going for some long multi-day hiking trip or even going for island trip, you’re better off with a water-resistant material travel case, like a treated nylon fiber backpack.

Your travel bags don’t need to be 100% waterproof, especially if you’re not going for trips that involves physical activities. You can go stylish if your trip is only in town – women especially would appreciate a fancy leather backpack that can make their Instagram picture more attractive.

If you prefer to travel light, perhaps a canvas backpack would be enough for you – the material is light and you can easily carry it on anywhere you wander. 

Choosing functionalities of your travel bag

If you decide to go with backpacks, consider getting a backpack that have lockable zippers. Lockable zippers mean that each compartment of your backpack have two zippers, so you can lock both zippers together.

Having multiple compartments also would be a plus point. Your belongings can be separated into different compartments according to its sizes. For example, you can put your clothes in the main compartment of your bag, and your shoes in separate side compartment – this way, your clothes won’t get dirty. Also, having multiple compartments saves you from having to dig inside your bag to find specific items.

A front-loading backpack is another feature to be considered if you’re going for travel backpacks. A front-loading backpack is a bag that allows you to zip it from one side to another side. Having this feature allows you to access your stuff easily, compared to a top loading bag where you access your stuff from a hole on the top.

Also, consider an anti-theft travel case. It is a bag designed with lots of inbuilt safety features to keep your belongings safe. This can prevent pickpockets or thieves from accessing your items or taking your whole bag. Anti-slash fabric construction, reinforced steel straps, or smart locking mechanism are some of the features of anti-theft travel case.

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